Alaskan Bush People: Which Couples Have Stayed Together?

Since the most recent season has come to an end, viewers are curious as to who has lasted the test of time and no running water. The most tumultuous relationship of the entire family award would have to go to Bear Brown and his on-again-off-again girlfriend and baby mama, Raiven Adams.  The couple has found themselves put under the microscope in recent months, thanks to their posts on social media. The reality star was not able to attend his own son’s birth, and this did not sit well with Raiven. She has blasted the family and the show for being fake, since most live in campers or homes off the mountain. The couple decided to give their relationship a second chance in September, after Bear passed a drug test, but fans think they are just grasping at straws.

Gabe Brown and Raquell Pantilla’s love story played out in front of viewers for a couple of seasons. They started dating in February of 2018 after his sister, Rain, introduced them. It was touch and go for a while to see if Raquell would move to the mountain, but the couple married in January of 2019 and re-promised themselves in June of the same year. After hiding that they had a baby, Gabe revealed on the show that they had welcomed a baby girl, Sophie.

The next couple is probably the most well known, as both have decided to still take part in the family show. Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha are still growing on fans, especially since older sister Bird did not get along with her in the beginning. Fans will recall that the couple married in August of 2018 after two years of dating, which fans also watched on the small screen. The couple has since welcomed a baby boy, Elijah, who is now one.

While Bam Bam Brown and Allison Kagan did break up for a short period of time, they are now happily back together and have bought a boat! Many fans are aware that Allison worked as a field producer on Alaskan Bush People. The two have been together since November 2016. There was a rough patch with the family since Bam felt they did not respect Allison like they did the other girlfriends, but the situation looks to have been smoothed out.

As of now, the two daughters Rain and Bird have yet to date or talk about a potential suitor. Fans believe it must be a bit harder for the girls, since they are often with Ami and Billy, and don’t really have any kind of active social life away from the mountain. As for Matt, he has been off the radar since rape charges from two different women have been raised against him. Fans are happy to see the other brothers of Alaskan Bush People are thriving and making a life of their own.

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