The Bachelorette: Fans Love Bennett’s Shirtless, Flexing IG Video

In true Bennett Jordan fashion, he wouldn’t post just any shirtless selfie. He instead posted a video of himself at a spa (seen below). Apparently, Bennet is into salt therapy after a workout, and he even described to his followers the many benefits of doing that. Ultimately, it involves sitting in a room full of salt. Even the walls behind him seem to be giant slabs of pink salt, leaving many to wonder where one can even go to find a salt room. According to Bennett, salt therapy, or Halotherapy, “enhances lung capacity, improves skin, removes toxicity from the respiratory system, boosts the immune system, reduces stress, improves sleep, and gets you ready for your next spa water.

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It appears that fans were a little distracted by Bennett’s appearance and flexing muscles to really take in the caption. One fan jokingly commented, “I am appalled by how this made me feel. I am logging off now.” Another one wrote, “It’s probably illegal to be this attractive.” One other follower expressed their gratitude, writing, “This is the content we needed thank you king Bennett.” And lastly, watch out Chris Harrison, because his own girlfriend Lauren Zima showed up in the comment section to write, “Live footage of Superman on planet Krypton.” He even has the Clark Kent swirl in his hair.

Bennett’s classic good looks and low-key sense of humor are winning fans over, but his Instagram is on a whole other level. Here’s hoping he sticks around on the show long enough to provide even more laughs. But no matter what, the fans will always have Instagram.

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Source: Bennett Jordan’s Instagram