The Wizard and the Slug Review: An Earnest Attempt at Humor

Where the story really shines through is in its side plots. The slug can team up with various reoccurring side characters they meet to defeat their enemies, similar to Undertale. If a player is struggling to complete a level, they can still gain some entertainment through these plots, and help flesh out the game’s array of characters and personalities.

The Wizard and the Slug’s mechanics operate similarly to other 2D platformer games. The slug can dispatch enemies by bouncing off their heads or shooting bullets at them, and can even pick up different bullet styles that are effective against specific foes. As for jumping, the slug reduces in size each time it double jumps and releases a bullet. Due to the slug being the same size and color as a bullet when it’s in its smallest state, it can be very difficult to understand what is happening on the screen during gameplay in these moments, which does make for confusing mistakes. 

A redeeming mechanic is that there are multiple save points located around each level, so players can explore a large swath of a level in The Wizard and the Slug without loading scenes, and if a player has reached a difficult part of the level they won’t have to start all the way back at the beginning. With the Wizard helping the Slug by giving it platforms to jump between in a particular order in an almost puzzle-like manner, it might take a couple tries for them to make progress, so any ability to double back without restarting fully is always appreciated.

The bosses in The Wizard and the Slug are what really give players a run for their money when it comes to actual battles. Teamed up with the Wizard, the Slug can complete distinct and challenging boss battles at the end of every level. Players will need to experiment with different bullet types throughout a battle in order to pass on to the next level. Each boss is themed to the setting it is located in, and provides unique challenges to the player. This gives a wonderful variety to gameplay that will keep players interested until the next round.

The Wizard and the Slug may prove to be an appealing pick for those looking for a particular storytelling style and sense of humor, but there is much to be desired regarding its main gameplay mechanics. Getting by on its boss battles and detailed lore, this platformer could have been better thought-out in terms of user experience and storytelling, but does have a few key moments where its promise is delivered on that at least make it a worthwhile grab for those who love the genre.

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The Wizard and the Slug is now available on Steam.