Life After Lockup Exclusive: Watch Brittany & Kayla Share Painful Family Memories

Last season, Life After Lockup fans were introduced to her younger sister Kayla. She moved to Nevada from Alaska to try to build a healthy relationship with their mother. However, as fans saw, their mother suffered a relapse and was written off by her daughters. In an exclusive clip (via We TV)  of the Life After Lockup season four premiere, Brittany and Kayla are seen discussing their mother (and their painful family history) at Brittany’s 30th birthday party. “How old were you when you started begging for mom to be a better person,” Kayla asked her sister. “I was like 5,” Brittany grimly replied. Kayle went on to share some of her shocking first memories from childhood. See the clip below:

My earliest childhood memory, I remember being a child and my first memory is her taking me to a crack house.” She became emotional after Brittany Dodd apologized. The two sisters both teared up while reminiscing about their past. “Kayla you were smart enough to not be like mom and I’m okay with you not wanting to be like me,” Brittany told her sister. “Because at one point in time I was on drugs, I went to prison, I had all these kids,” she added. Kayla then admitted how she used to be ashamed of her sister, which brought Brittany Dodd to tears. “I used to be ashamed of you, but now I tell people you’re my role model,” Kayla revealed to her sister.

Brittany held her face while crying about her sister’s painful truth. Viewers can always count on Brittany to bring the realness to Life After Lockup.

Source: WeTV/YouTube