90 Day Fiancé: Shanti Shades Florian, Stacey Reacts With Steamy Video

While speaking to In Touch, Shanti revealed that she’d met Florian through 90 Day Fiancé’s Stacey. After that, Shanti and Florian kept in touch via DMs for a year. Then, he asked for her number. Shanti first met Florian during a shoot in Albania, where they first kissed after he confessed that he was “no longer with Stacey.” Shanti claimed to not be a homewrecker, as she spoke about flying back to Albania. She rented an apartment with Florian and paid for his dinners, although he “was like rich and just trying to make money and like try to use money from women.” It was after this date that Shanti claims she got intimate with Florian. She said he was “passionate” and “all over” her, until they had, “sexual intercourse. Many times.” See Shanti posing in a sultry Instagram snap below:

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The photos that were shown on Darcey & Stacey were from their third meeting. This meetup was for a photoshoot in November 2019, which was “a funny moment that we captured together,” according to Shanti. She doesn’t “remember” how the pics leaked but does recall being called by Florian immediately after. During that conversation, he allegedly “threatened her.” Shanti claimed she reached out to Darcey and Stacey to clear the air, only to find out that she’d been blocked by the twins. Shanti states that the newly-married Florian is not ready for a relationship and that he is “a bad person, and a liar,” which Stacey Silva surely doesn’t deserve. See the racy pics below:

Meanwhile, Stacey responded to Shanti’s claims in her own way, by posting a sizzling video with Florian in her arms to her Stacey Silva TV Instagram. The 90 Day Fiancé star used John Legend’s “Never Break” as a song on the story, with lyrics that go, “We will never break. Built on a foundation, strong enough to stay.” The Silva sister also made sure to repost a screenshot of Florian’s post from November 2019, which he’d captioned with “I love my future wife.” This post is featured above, on the left. This was reposted right after the Shanti photos surfaced.

It seems like this is just the beginning of a whole new social media war, as the love triangle between these 90 Day Fiancé stars will only be subject to more shocks, possibly leading up to Darcey & Stacey season 2.

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Source: InTouch, Stacey Silva/Instagram, Shanti Zohra/Instagram