Kristin Chenoweth Is Hosting ‘Candy Land’ On The Food Network

TV Insider talked with Chenoweth about the newest production. Season one of Candy Land has six episodes, where Chenoweth guides the teams into real-life representations of the board game locations. There’s always a lot of candy and chocolate to use for challenges, which is good because they have to be life-size. Some videos show her offering candy cane flavors to the judges, asking them to identify the new tastes. They say that macaroni and cheese as well as clam should not be a candy cane flavor. Chenoweth admitted that the producers couldn’t stop her from noshing on the edible set, especially since she loves chocolate. It helps that her natural charm makes up for any lollipops or candy canes that go missing from Peppermint Mountain.

The timing couldn’t be better for a holiday show that brings cheer and nostalgia. Candy Land lacks the cynicism of Monopoly, which has been parodied in faux movie trailers, as well as the workplay for Scrabble. Chenoweth is the icon of bubbly optimism, as shown by her various characters both onstage and on television. She won one Tony and was nominated for another for a good reason, and you can see her infectious enthusiasm within the show while she gives the teams quite a few tours in preparation for their challenges. That makes her the perfect host for Candy Land.

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Source: TV Insider