Justice League: Superman’s Hologram In The Snyder Cut Explained

With Batman having tried to kill Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, only to witness him sacrificing his life to stop Doomsday, the hologram is Batman seeing the man he once regarded as his enemy alive in some sense. In the moment, it’s likely that Bruce is grappling with a mix of guilt and hope, knowing that he didn’t realize Superman was a force for good until it was too late, and literally seeing the possibility of setting that mistake right embodied in front of him with the hologram. Batman’s feelings here were also present in the Justice League theatrical cut, albeit in a much clunkier way, but the real mystery is how the rest of the League will respond to the hologram of Kal-El.

Wonder Woman also witnessed Superman’s death, and Snyder’s comments could indicate she may be more on Batman’s page in bringing back Superman, at least compared to the theatrical version. However, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg never met Superman before his death. The fact that it’s Cyborg projecting the hologram could indicate that he might be the big advocate of resurrecting Superman, with his Mother Box-derived body able to analyze the physics of it in a way that the others can’t.

The Flash and Aquaman are polar opposites in terms of their personalities, so how they respond to the hologram is likely to be different, too. Barry Allen, having already enthusiastically jumped at the chance to join the Justice League from Batman’s offer, is likely to react to the hologram with the same kind of fanboy glee. In contrast, Arthur Curry is the grizzled loner of the group, and he might be the one to be more unsure in his point of view in this scene. With Aquaman being mistrustful of Cyborg due to the Apokoliptian origins of his new body, the fact that the latter is projecting the hologram could lead to Aquaman being unsure of his intentions, as well.

Whatever the case may be, Cyborg’s hologram projection of Superman is likely to be a big moment in the film. With a collection of heroes each bringing their own point of view, the hologram could mean something completely different to each of them. That just goes to show that the lead-up to Superman’s resurrection will be yet another area where Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a different movie altogether from the one seen in theaters.

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