Unsolved Mysteries: Every Season 1 Case Status & Updates

House of Terror

Washington Insider Murder

Lady in the Lake

JoAnn Romain disappeared shortly after attending church on the evening of January 12, 2010. Despite an intensive search by Gross Pointe Farms Police Department, JoAnn’s body was not found until over two months later, floating 35 miles away from her church, near Boblo Island in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada. The police claimed that Romain committed suicide, but her daughters dismissed this as impossible, given her devout Catholicism and fear of water. For various reasons outlined in the Unsolved Mysteries episode “Lady in the Lake,” Romain’s daughters believe that the police helped to cover up their mother’s murder. No new information about the case has been made available to the public since the episode aired, but someone has been paying private planes to fly over Gross Pointe Farms with banners accusing JoAnn Romain’s brother Bill Matouk and cousin Tim Matouk of murdering her.

Stolen Kids

The final episode of the first season of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries centered upon a pair of child abductions which took place in the same park in Harlem in 1989, three months apart. Given the circumstances and profiles of both victims, police theorized that the two cases were connected and might be evidence of a baby-selling ring operating in the area. Unfortunately, there is no evidence Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker were taken by the same kidnapper and no trail for the police to follow after 30 years of investigating . “Stolen Kids” has yet to develop any meaningful leads that have been revealed to the public.

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