The Princess Switch 3: Release Date, Cast & Story Details

By the final act of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, poor Kevin gets sent back to America by Fiona, who has disguised herself as Lady Margaret. However, a holiday helper saves the day by delaying Kevin’s trip to the airport, which allows for the inevitable “grand gesture” moment during the climax.

Will Netflix Make The Princess Switch 3?

Shortly before the new movie released, Netflix confirmed that The Princess Switch 3 will be made. Based on that information, it seems that the original franchise-starter performed well amongst subscribers, and that the streaming service expects the same results for the sequel. In general, Netflix typically waits several months to assess streaming numbers before green-lighting movie sequels.

The Princess Switch 3 Release Date

Netflix has confirmed that The Princess Switch 3 will release in 2021. Given that the original film debuted in 2018 and the sequel premiered in 2020, the streaming service must be especially pleased with the viewership projections by green-lighting an immediate follow-up. Production for The Princess Switch 3 will take place in Scotland, and the film will presumably release in November or December 2021.

The Princess Switch 3 Cast

Hudgens will return for The Princess Switch 3 but won’t play a fourth character. During a recent interview (via Entertainment Tonight), the actress addressed rumors that the third movie installment might require some extra character work:

“No, god, no. I’m just going to crush that rumor now… That is not happening. No one get their hopes up for that.”

Aside from Hudgens, Sam Palladio will most likely return as the Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia, along with Sagar as Kevin Richards. However, neither actors have officially been confirmed for The Princess Switch 3 cast.

The Princess Switch 3 Story Details

The Princess Switch: Switched Again ends with Lady Margaret exposing Fiona and rushing to the airport before Kevin leaves. The couple then enlists a random reverend for a marriage ceremony, and Lady Margaret is later crowned as the Queen of Montenaro while Fiona watches with security nearby. As for Stacy, she cheers everybody on after accomplishing her holiday mission.

The Princess Switch 3 story will most likely be set in Montenaro, given that production will take place in Scotland. With Stacy, she seems to be happily married to Prince Edward, and will take the appropriate measures to ensure that Fiona won’t be a problem. The threequel’s main drama may revolve around the crazy life of Kevin, as he originally fell in love with Lady Margaret’s version of Stacy, then broke up with the real Lady Margaret after not getting the simple life he was hoping for, and then spontaneously married Lady Margaret at the airport. In The Princess Switch 3, expect Kevin’s daughter Olivia to be super-excited about her new life, and expect Kevin to struggle with his responsibilities as the Queen’s husband.