Jingle Jangle Is Netflix’s Christmas Take On The Greatest Showman

Both Jingle Jangle and The Greatest Showman blend a heavily pop-inspired score with a loose period setting, and music from both movies seem like they’re created specifically to be catchy. That’s no mistake either: both films share a composer in John Debney. Both movies also shared the talents of Ashley Wallen, who’s responsible for the breathtaking musical numbers in Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. The production designs of both musicals draw on the over-saturated colors and fantasy-inspired period setting that calls back to the over-the-top design of The Greatest Showman.

However, the similarities between the films aren’t just surface-level. The Greatest Showman became so beloved because it was unabashedly corny and full of joy, and Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey succeeds because it does the same thing. Yes, it’s beautiful to look at, but Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey works because it’s thoroughly imbued with the holiday spirit, but doesn’t veer into formulaic Hallmark territory; it takes the best parts of The Greatest Showman and showers it with holiday cheer, topping it off with musical numbers that rival the euphoric catharsis of “This Is Me.”

Netflix’s Christmas movies are usually fairly straightforward rom-coms such as Operation Christmas Drop or Holidate, but Jingle Jangle breaks the formula and transcends to something entirely unique. The Greatest Showman managed to stay grounded by keeping its main story fairly simple, and Jingle Jangle does the same thing, maintaining the emotional heart of its story despite its zany production design. Netflix’s latest Christmas movie is an earnest, self-consciously and unashamedly corny musical and the closest thing that 2020 has to a Christmas spectacular – and fans of The Greatest Showman will love its Christmas counterpart, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

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