The Crown: What Happened Next To The Queen’s Intruder, Michael Fagan

While the epilogue establishes a little of what happened to Fagan after his arrest, it doesn’t explain the whole story. Fagan himself also disputes what happened in the Queen’s bedroom, suggesting he didn’t ask for a cigarette as it would have been “cheeky” and didn’t discuss Margaret Thatcher or Britain’s economic state. He has also, at times, claimed he was high on magic mushrooms (for two years) when the invasions happened. The show also missed out the fact that the event led to huge controversy over the royal security blunder and that Willie Whitelaw offered to resign from his position as Home Secretary. The Queen did not accept. While Fagan has rubbished some of the claims of The Crown, he did profit from his invasion of Buckingham Palace eventually but he also saw more low-points in his life that weren’t reported.

Fagan was struggling with the breakdown of his marriage when he went to the Palace, as The Crown season 4 establishes, and his mental state was taken into account after he was taken away by police. Ultimately, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for three months, in lieu of a prison sentence for burglary. Since then, Fagan has recorded a version of “God Save the Queen” with a British punk band called the Bollock Brothers. That came before some other issues with the law, first for an assault offense on a police officer in 1984 and then in 1997 for drug offenses that saw him imprisoned for four years.

Fagan has appeared in various interviews since, confirming in 1993 why he’d thought to speak to the Queen: ‘The Queen, to me, represented all that was keeping me down and [my] lack of voice… I just wanted her to know what it feels like to just be an ordinary chap trying to make ends meet.” Whether he got his chance or not, he caused huge uproar and a major security review around the Royal Family. His break-ins also belated led to a change in the law (in 2002) that made such an intrusion a crime rather than a civil offense. Quite how much The Crown tells a true story or not remains to be seen, but it was certainly a highlight of the fourth season.