All-New Wave of Funko Pop! Friends Unveiled [EXCLUSIVE]

The main six cast members are all featured. Fans of the sitcom will immediately recognize which episodes and moments the figures are based on, such as Chandler dressed as a pink bunny for Halloween (this one’s a Target Exclusive), while a few others harken back to the show’s earlier seasons. You can check out the newest Friends Funko Pops, including two versions of Gunther, below.

Gunther’s addition in the wave is exciting, as it indicates that other memorable guest stars could also receive the Funko treatment in the future. The manager of Central Perk is hard at work in one version. In another, he’s holding up a sign which directly references one of his funniest appearances on Friends.

“The One with the Halloween Party”, a season 8 episode, also gets a special spotlight. Ross is dressed as Sputnik in the episode, while Monica puts on a Catwoman suit. Chandler, of course, finds himself in a pink bunny costume. In the case of Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey, the trio’s Funko figures point to scenes from season 2. Rachel’s pink dress is from “The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”, the season 2 finale. Phoebe’s glammed up look has its origins in a season 2 plot as well, involving the music video for Smelly Cat. And, in perhaps the deepest cut of the wave, Joey’s cowboy aesthetic is a nod to a job that the struggling actor briefly held in “The One With the Breast Milk”.

The figures illustrate that Friends had a bevy of distinct stories, even early in its run, which lend themselves easily to Funko Pop memorialization. The first and second wave of Funko pops featuring the sitcom characters have become highly coveted in the years since its release, proving the loyal and growing audience the NBC series still enjoys. That audience will definitely be delighted to add new versions of their favorite Friends, plus Gunther, to their collection.

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