Gal Gadot Responds to Wonder Woman 1984 Streaming on HBO Max

Instead of moving it further back to 2021, Warner Bros. decided to push forward with Wonder Woman 1984 Christmas day release — both on theaters and HBO Max. In light of this, Gadot took it to her official Twitter account to respond to this development, admitting that while it was not an easy decision to make, they firmly believe that it was time for the movie to roll out. Read her full statement below:

By the time Gadot released her statement, Jenkins already reacted to the news, but both messages mirror each other. The actress and the director wanted Wonder Woman 1984 to at least bring a little cheer in what has been a difficult year for the whole world. They also said that where anyone chooses to enjoy the film is irrelevant, what’s important is that the blockbuster is hopefully enjoyed by many considering that they put a lot of time and effort into making sure that they can come up with the best possible film they can make. While the pair is optimistic about this decision, it’s understandable that not everyone is on board with it. Some argue that they could’ve decided to just wait for a safer time for its theatrical release, but considering how most of the blockbusters this year have been delayed to next year, creating a domino effect for the next several years, it would be difficult for Wonder Woman 1984 to get a prime slot without big competition.

Aside from Gadot and Jenkins, other cast members of the film have yet to respond to this news. But, it’s safe to say that they’ll simply echo what their leaders have said in their respective statements. At this time, only time will tell if this is the correct release plan for Wonder Woman 1984. Warner Bros. was reportedly set on sticking with its Christmas release. In any case, at least the studio gave the public the option on how they want to enjoy the movie.

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Source: Gal Gadot