Scout Trooper Fused Into His Armor Is A Star Wars Nightmare

With all the different characters that popular the Star Wars universe, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of fear-inducing baddies. That hasn’t stopped artist Kevin Cassidy from offering some seriously creepy transformations of scout troopers at Art Station. Images of the Necro Soldier v2.0 show a scout trooper who appears to have survived fire or some very intense battles to emerge as the sort of unadulterated nightmare fuel that Star Wars rarely offers. According to the artist’s statement on the images, “A lifetime of missions has left the soldier fused to his armor and fully committed to the cause.”

At first glance, the Necro Soldier is reminiscent of the sort of undead soldiers seen in zombie versions of popular video games like Red Dead Redemption or Call of Duty. But upon further consideration, it also offers up the possibility of how genuinely intriguing a Star Wars film that involved the undead could be. It’s highly unlikely that Disney would take things in this direction, whether via an obscure planet in a spin-off or within the actual new upcoming trilogy, but many fans will still find it fun to ponder just what that would be like. One thing is for certain – a planet populated with this sort of undead scout trooper would add an all-new dimension to the Star Wars universe.

With a franchise as big as that of Star Wars, it’s become commonplace for fans to create artwork that plays off of existing characters or situations. In the case of the Necro Soldier, a relatively simple concept – making a branch of the Empire’s security forces take on the characteristics of a zombie – might be too much of a move in the direction of horror for some. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Cassidy’s Necro Soldier shows a lot of creativity and will launch numerous conversations and debates.

Source: Kevin Cassidy