Saved By the Bell’s New Theme Song By Lil Yachty Is Very Different

With Saved by the Bell set to premiere in just a week, Peacock as released the reboot’s intro. While the song, at its core, is the same as the one written by Scott Gayle for the original series, the reboot’s theme gets a distinctively modern remix thanks to rapper Lil Yachty. Give it a listen down below.

In taking a quick peek at the comments beneath the video, it looks like the new Saved by the Bell theme isn’t going over well with fans. It’s no surprise that Peacock would want to give the reboot’s theme a modern spin to bring the series into 2020, but the changes appear to have gone too far. The initial consensus is clear: The original Saved by the Bell theme is better.

That doesn’t mean the reboot will be bad, of course. One can’t judge a show’s quality purely on its theme song, though some may worry that this is a hint of what’s to come. If Saved by the Bell chooses to focus more on its newer audience, it might alienate those who loved the original show. Whether or not Peacock’s Saved by the Bell becomes a success will become clearer with time. Fans will be able to form their own opinions about Bayside’s newest generation when they arrive in just one week.

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Saved by the Bell premieres on Peacock on November 25.

Source: Peacock