Sony Blocked Seth Rogen Featuring PlayStations In Sony’s Pineapple Express

On Twitter, Rogen revealed that Sony denied him using PlayStations in Pineapple Express even though they were distributing and funding the project. The association between marijuana and gaming is a common stereotype, and from Rogen’s comment, it appears that Sony was not trying to evoke that connection for audiences. Although most people probably would not have noticed what gaming system was being used in the film, Sony seemingly did not want their system associated with Rogen’s raunchy comedy brand.

Pineapple Express may have been controversial at the film’s release since the illicit nature of marijuana was central to the film’s story and Franco’s character as a whole. However, as marijuana becomes legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes across the nation, the film’s previously controversial stance on cannabis does not hold the same weight today. If a sequel were to be made, Pineapple Express 2 would need to deal with the legalization of marijuana in some form. Regardless, Sony’s refusal to allow a PlayStation to be featured in Pineapple Express only heightens how relevant the movie was at its release.

Although understandably, Sony wouldn’t want to draw a connection between their gaming system and marijuana, given their history together, Sony Pictures certainly enjoys working with Rogen. Pineapple Express included, many of Rogen’s controversial movies have been incredible successes for Sony. Since the actor shows no sign of cleaning up his comedy, if Sony and Rogen continue to collaborate on projects together, maybe the company will allow PlayStation to be featured in future films.

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Source: Seth Rogen