Stranger Things Explains What Season 4’s Hellfire Club Is

One of the new cast members announced via Twitter is British actor Joseph Quinn, who plays the role of Eddie Munson. The tweet reveals Munson is the head of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High School’s D&D club, ending months of speculation. While it makes total sense given the show’s long association with the popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game, fans are likely disappointed the mystery wasn’t more intriguing. You can see the tweet revealing Quinn’s casting and the real origin of the name below:

In a show packed full of mysteries and pop culture references, this reveal is surprisingly obvious in hindsight. One of the key themes of traditional Dungeons & Dragons games is forces of good fighting evil and demons, so the reference was staring everyone in the face. The reference could go deeper, of course, with the door still being left open to the more commonly seen theory that it’s connected to the group of X-Men villains who go by the same name. Perhaps Munson betrays one of the core characters and reveals himself to be a villainous force in season 4?

However it turns out, it’s clear the boys aren’t done with D&D yet, despite the game being dismissed as too childish by Mike and Lucas in season 3. At the very least, Dustin is likely to be excited by the existence of The Hellfire Club and is sure to try and join. And with episode 1 carrying the club’s title, it’s likely to be introduced early on in Stranger Things season 4.

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Source: Stranger Things/Twitter