Scream 5 Star Reveals T-Shirt Honoring Fan-Favorite Alt-Title

Now, Quaid has posted a pair of images on Twitter revealing 5cream was being used on set, too, though clearly in jest. The photos show a custom t-shirt he and co-star Melissa Barrera made as a wrap gift for the cast and crew. The t-shirt, created by artist Marty Abbe-Schneider, features Ghostface holding five cartons of cream, turning the fan title into a not-so-subtle pun. Quaid later replied to the post asking fans not to buy counterfeit ripoffs of the t-shirt design, which have already popped up online. You can see the posts below:

The t-shirt idea is hilarious and proves why it would have been a terrible idea to name the movie 5cream. Regardless of what you think of the choice of calling the movie Scream, there’s no doubt 5cream would have been even more confusing. Ideally, Williamson and the creative team would have gone with Scream 5, but there might also be a plot-based reason for merely calling the movie Scream. There is a theory that Campbell only returned because her character, Sidney Prescott, will be killed off in the opening scene of the movie, which would take the franchise right back to its roots.

The directors themselves have teased surprising and pleasing narratives for the original characters, and audiences are hoping the movie will live up to their lofty expectations. Whatever happens in the film, the signs are good so far that Scream will return the franchise to its roots, improving on the last two outings, which were disappointing. Hopefully, the fifth movie is more like its namesake, and that’s why it’s gotten the throwback title.

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Source: Jack Quaid/Twitter