Civil War Art Shows Alternate Scene Where Vision Turns On Iron Man

While Infinity War showed the pair’s full-blown love affair, their relationship started in Civil War. Before the conflict among the heroes, it’s implied that Wanda and Vision had grown close with each other following their introduction in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In newly-released concept art for Civil War from Marvel Studios artist Andy Park, at one point, he even theorized that Vision turns against Iron Man for Scarlet Witch. Check out the image below:

Of course, Marvel never went this direction with Civil War. At this point, Marvel Studios were already deciding on the idea that Iron Man’s death would take place in the fourth Avengers film, which turned out to be Avengers: Endgame. While this scenario effectively establishes Vision’s affection towards Wanda — enough for him to go against his former boss when he was still an AI known as JARVIS, there’s no long-term narrative pay-off to it. There were other ways to achieve the same result without permanently killing off Tony. Aside from the bigger implications, doing this would’ve cut the narrative short, no longer moving forward with Civil War‘s third-act, which defined the film.

In any case, Marvel Studios was still able to do something with a similar effect in Captain America: Civil War. Due to Vision being distracted as he tried to keep an eye on Wanda throughout the airport battle on top of fighting for Team Iron Man, he accidentally hit War Machine with his Mind Stone laser beam, almost killing Tony’s best friend. Despite the fall, Rhodey, fortunately, survived, although not without any injuries as he now needs assistance to walk again fully.

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Source: Andy Park