Pinocchio, Peter Pan, And Cruella Movies Might Premiere On Disney+

According to a report from Deadline, Disney surveying its upcoming slate of theatrical films for titles that could move to Disney+ instead due to the pandemic. The story revealed a few different movies that Disney is reportedly considering. They include Robert Zemeckis’ live-action Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks as Geppetto, the live-action Peter Pan and Wendy movie featuring Yara Shahidi as Tinkerbell, and the 101 Dalmations live-action prequel Cruella starring Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil. None of these titles are officially moving to Disney+, but it now appears to be a possibility.

Disney’s consideration to move PinocchioPeter Pan and Wendy, and Cruella to Disney+ is another reflection of the studio’s thoughts on the future of theaters and a bigger focus on Disney+. Even though Disney currently feels confident enough in coronavirus no longer being an issue by next summer so bigger IP can be released, the studio could further limit what stories are worthy of getting a big-screen release. Marvel, Star Wars, and some other major franchises should continue to be theatrical releases, but it’s possible content aimed at younger audiences could migrate to Disney+.

Should Disney eventually announce that PinocchioPeter Pan and Wendy, and Cruella are heading to Disney+, it will be another sign of what level of content the streaming service could support in the future. If live-action reimaginings with well-known stars like Tom Hanks and Emma Stone can become Disney+ releases, then plenty of other titles could come next. Of course, this could also be a quick fix to an unprecedented situation. Live-action remakes have been massive box office hits for Disney, so it’s not like all future reimaginings will go to streaming.

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Source: Deadline