Netflix Confirms You’ve Been Saying Emily in Paris Wrong

As Emily in Paris is an American-produced show and many of the fans are American, the general consensus was that the title should be pronounced as Americans would—Emily in Par-is—including the sound of the final “s.” Even the protagonist, who uses a phone translator to speak French, says Paris as an American would. However, about a month after the show first premiered, Netflix tweeted a friendly reminder that revealed the true title of the series. The real pronunciation is supposed to use a French accent—Emily in Par-ee—so that the two words rhyme. 

Although fans were generally surprised by this revelation, some are making the best of the newfound knowledge. One journalist’s tweet went viral when he implored people to make their own Emily in Paris title. The tweet suggested users find a city name that vaguely rhymes with their first name and has since become viral. Fans have created names with every city imaginable, from L.A. to Belfast.

Emily in Paris is no stranger to memes. In fact, the show has been both loved and hated—but most of all, viewers have enjoyed poking fun at Emily’s unrealistic Paris life. American viewers fell for her happy-go-lucky determination as well as picture-perfect Seine-adjacent runs and morning croissants. On the other hand, Parisians panned the show for its almost scathing depiction of French people as rude and unwelcoming. Some critics argued that it should be appreciated for its escapism—the dazzling costumes and scenery—which is something many are looking for during pandemic monotony. Emily in Paris may be a divisive show, but at least now everyone’s on the same page about its pronunciation. 

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Source: Netflix