Jeremy Renner Is Training To Play Hawkeye Again

Renner posted a video on his Twitter account, revealing he’s “dusted off the stunt bag” as he prepares to train. He doesn’t specifically mention Hawkeye, but it’s reasonable to assume the work he’s doing is for the Disney+ show, which is the most physically-demanding role Renner has coming up. Check out his post in the space below:

The “3 year break” Renner alludes to is in reference to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame’s shooting schedule. The two sequels conducted principal photography back-to-back in 2017. So even though Hawkeye wasn’t in Infinity War, Renner was still there for Endgame scenes during that period. Since then, he’s taken some time off from the MCU, starring in the 2018 comedy Tag and lending his voice to animated movie Arctic Dogs. He needs to get back into Hawkeye shape before filming starts on the Disney+ show. If Renner is starting his training regimen now, it stands reason to believe production will begin in a few months. Hawkeye’s been penciled in for a fall 2021 premiere, but it’s unknown if that’s still the target date for its release.

Save for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 7, there hasn’t been a new MCU release since Spider-Man: Far From Home last July. There’s been a lengthy and unexpected drought of fresh Marvel content, generating tons of hype and anticipation for what the studio has in store down the line (the WandaVision trailer scored 50 million views in 24 hours). It’s encouraging that after so many delays, Marvel Phase 4 is starting to come into fruition. In the case of Hawkeye, there’s still a long way to go and hopefully production can be completed without any COVID-related setbacks, but Marvel must feel they have a solid plan in place if Renner is starting to train. Ideally, viewers will see Clint Barton back onscreen soon.

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Source: Jeremy Renner