Moon Knight Trailer Imagines What Oscar Isaac’s MCU Show Could Look Like

This latest piece is a trailer from solyentbrak1, and it brings Moon Knight to vivid life. With Isaac as the lead, this Moon Knight takes on a dark and mysterious tone that seems especially fitting for the character. The imagined supporting cast is filled out by those like The Boys’ Tomer Capon (standing in, fittingly, for Marc’s friend Frenchie) and Annabelle Wallis (as Marlene Alraune). Actual MCU star Djimon Hounsou also makes some appearances, though not as his character Korath. Check out the fan trailer down below.

The Moon Knight trailer brings Marc’s origin story to life, in which he participated in a mission in Egypt that nearly killed him before the god Khonshu gave him new life and powers. It also addresses Marc’s multiple personalities, with different Isaac roles filling in each part. If the actual Disney+ show chooses to strike the same tone as the fan trailer, Moon Knight could be a new kind of MCU project, in that it strikes a grittier and darker tone than most. In fact, it would almost feel at home among the Marvel Netflix shows.

This fan trailer also shows the potential that Moon Knight has. Marc is an incredibly fascinating character, and with a performer like Isaac behind him, he can become one of the MCU’s best figures. It remains to be seen how the Disney+ series will choose to bring Marc to life, but there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding it. It isn’t clear as to when fans can expect to see Moon Knight debut on Disney+, but hopefully more information will emerge soon.

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Source: solyentbrak1