The Mandalorian Shows How Baby Yoda’s Egg Eating SHOULD Have Ended

The Mandalorian season 2, episode 3, “The Heiress” shows how Baby Yoda’s Egg eating habit should have been resolved in the previous episode. As the cutest character in the acclaimed Disney+ series (sorry, Mando), Baby Yoda has been an object of adoration from the moment he showed up. However, he encountered his first real controversy with the second episode of season 2, and it sprung entirely out of his eating habits.

In The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2, “The Passenger.” Mando and Baby Yoda are joined by Frog Lady, who carries a jar of her eggs alongside her, and Baby Yoda proceeds to scoop several of them out and eat them throughout the episode. Despite being admonished by Mando to stop this, Baby Yoda also chows down on a spider from an egg in the nest of spider eggs near the end of the episode. Baby Yoda’s egg-eating upset many viewers, given how sympathetic the Frog Lady’s desperate plight is, but episode 3 shows him learning his lesson.

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The episode sees Mando leaving Baby Yoda in the care of the Frog Lady and her husband as he departs on his mission with Bo-Katan and her associates. While in her care, Baby Yoda continues to eye the eggs in the Frog Lady’s jar, until the one fertilized egg hatches. When Mando returns, Baby Yoda is having fun playing with the tadpole that emerged from the egg, reaching out to it as Mando picks him up for the two to leave. Clearly, Baby Yoda has learned that eggs are more than just food for him to take, but The Mandalorian could have avoided the backlash directed at Baby Yoda if he’d learned this lesson in the previous episode.

Before witnessing the Frog Lady’s egg hatch, Baby Yoda was like a kid on an Easter egg hunt – snatching up eggs and devouring them without a second thought. The one tadpole to hatch shows Baby Yoda that the Frog Lady’s eggs are not simply edible goodies.

Of course, Baby Yoda could have learned this much sooner had this been at the conclusion of episode 2, but he received another lesson of sorts when he and Mando had to flee a cave full of spiders right after Baby Yoda ate a spider out of one of the many eggs in the cave. Despite his Force-sensitivity, Baby Yoda still clearly has a lot of growing up to do, but he’s also taken one step up in his maturation by realizing that the eggs laid by others are not just snacks for him to eat at his leisure. Hopefully audiences have seen the last of his controversial culinary choices in The Mandalorian.

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