Bly Manor: Why Hannah Kept Going Back To Owen’s Job Interview

WARNING: Spoilers for The Haunting of Bly Manor ahead

Episode 5 confirms Hannah is in love with Owen. After Miles—while possessed by Peter—kills Hannah by pushing her into a well, she remains trapped in the mansion due to the Lady in the Lake ghost. However, Hannah’s mind refuses to accept her death. Instead, she wanders the house and grounds believing she’s still alive. When Owen finally suggests they leave Bly manor and start a life together in Paris, Hannah’s fantasy is shattered. Her mind no longer can pretend things are normal, and she begins to jump from memory to memory instead. This explains why she appears confused and dazed in previous scenes, as her past is now mixed with the present inside her mind.

However, one single memory functions as an emotional anchor for Hannah: the moment she met Owen for the first time. As the manor’s caretaker, Hannah was the one who interviewed Owen for the cook position. Their chemistry and connection are immediately apparent from the moment their eyes meet. While it might’ve not been necessarily love at first sight, it was certainly an emotional turning point for Hannah. Not long before the interview, her husband abandoned her and moved with another woman, leaving Hannah heartbroken. At the suggestion of Flora and Miles’ mother, she starts living in the manor. Meeting Owen and falling in love again gave Hannah a new chance in life.

This is why she keeps coming back to the same memory of Owen: it represents the moment she realized she had a chance to be happy again with a man she so dearly loves. Hannah couldn’t willingly accept her death because she was clinging to the possibility of their love. Deep down, she knew it was already too late. Her happiest memory ended up helping her embrace the truth so she could help Miles and Flora in turn. Like many moments in The Haunting of Bly Manor, Hannah’s realization was a bittersweet one. It was her love for Owen that ended her dream of their life together.

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