Fuller House: Lori Loughlin Celebrated The Finale Amidst College Scandal

Taking to her official Instagram account, the Fuller House star and producer looked back at filming the show’s final episode this time last year. Cameron-Bure shared a string of images from the set during filming day through her IG stories, including a picture of a card Loughlin sent her. In it, the troubled actress congratulated her and the rest of the cast for a great run. Check out the screenshot of the previous post below:

As Loughlin plead guilty to the charges against her regarding her involvement in the scheme, also known as Operation Varsity Blues, she’s now serving her two-month sentence at a low-security facility in Dublin. Her husband, Giannulli, is expected to do prison time as well, but for five months. After serving time, Loughlin is also mandated 100 hours of community service and pay a fine of $150,000. Despite her apparent wrongdoings, the cast of Full House/Fuller House supported her, with Cameron-Bure explaining that because they’re “family, and we stand by each other.” It’s understandable why they feel strongly about supporting their former co-star, but that doesn’t change the fact that she and her husband committed a crime. There’s even an argument to be made that they got a lenient sentence considering the crime.

In any case, things turned out well for Fuller House, even without Aunt Becky. The show didn’t make a big deal about her absence in the final season, but they made an effort to explain why she’s nowhere to be found. According to Jesse, Becky was out of town in Nebraska to help her mother, and he didn’t want to worry her about him and their adopted daughter, Pamela. Since then, the issue was never revisited, with no other family member asking why she’s not attending the triple wedding. At least, the show tried explaining why she’s MIA, unlike Michelle, whose absence wasn’t even mentioned.

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Source: Candace Cameron-Bure