Jordin Sparks Interview: Kalahari Resorts & Social Distancing

Sparks spoke to Screen Rant from the resort itself, showing off some of the magic that the new Texas locale has to offer. She also shared her excitement to be participating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year, and hinted at new holiday music to come soon after.

2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us, from having to decide how we’re going to not only stay safe but also stay entertained, and how to keep our children educated. I know that you are the mother of your very own toddler, so what have you been doing in this pandemic to keep your child and your family’s spirits lifted?

Jordin Sparks: Right, man, it has been nuts. This year has definitely been unprecedented. But it’s actually been a blessing, not even in disguise, because there are blessings everywhere if we look for them. And for me, because DJ is a little over two and a half years old, we can still find things to do at the house that keep him busy and keep him engaged and keep him entertained, which has been really nice. So, that part has been fun.

We do dance parties, we roll around on the floor, and have tickle fights. We play tag, we go swimming, we love to take walks. Then, when we can and when it’s not as busy, we go to one of our local parks. If it’s safe, and we take all of our safety measures, he gets to see some of his friends sometimes too, which has been really nice. He definitely has been missing his friends during this time.

But the beautiful thing, for myself and my husband as well, is we go from one room after hearing about some other crazy thing that just happened this year to the next room -and we see DJ. We can just roll around on the floor and love him and kiss him and squeeze him, and just be immersed in in that love, which is really nice. So, it’s been really centering. to have him here during this time. He’s centering anyway, but especially with all the craziness, because we want to make sure that he feels safe and loved. And at the same time, we feel the same way whenever we’re just loving on him as well. So, it’s really worked out.

That’s wonderful. And now it seems like you have the opportunity to do more of that in a different environment. You’re at what I have heard is the largest indoor waterpark resort in the United States. This one’s in Round Rock, Texas. What can you tell us about where you are and what you are doing there?

Jordin Sparks: Yes, we are in Round Rock, Texas, which is really beautiful. I’d say this little shot right here rivals some Island resorts that I’ve seen. It’s really nice. Actually, past the camera behind you are the waterslides from the waterpark, and it’s so big that the rides start inside, come outside the building, and then go back inside the building. So, it’s really cool to see. This waterpark and this Kalahari resort itself is massive.

I was able to experience their other property in the Poconos last year with my family, and it was incredible. It was amazing, and I didn’t think that they could top it. But they were like, “Hey, we’re building another one. You want to come with your family?” And I said, “Sign me up.” They definitely topped themselves – they totally did.

And everything is bigger in Texas. It is 1.5 million square feet of space here, so there’s plenty of room to enjoy the facilities and the property safely. They actually did open at half capacity, so you can feel safe that when you’re coming you know there is space for you to be able to enjoy as well. They’re following all state and local guidelines, so they are following all of those things on mass social distancing, cleanliness and sanitation. And it’s brand spanking new, so it’s spotless and beautiful.

They’ve got the waterpark that has different sections for all ages: there’s a 21 and up grotto, there’s a a speakeasy piano bar that I can’t wait to come back and experience. These behind me are the pools, if you want to just lay out. If you don’t want to go to the waterpark, they have options for that: there’s 20 food locations on location. There’s a beautiful spa; there really is something for everyone to experience and enjoy here, and I really can’t wait to bring my family back.

You mentioned so many great activities that are available there. What would be a typical day for you? What are the things that you would hit in one day?

Jordin Sparks: Well, what I would do is I would go experience the waterpark in the morning. So, that way we get all of those fun festivities out of the way by the time DJ has to take a nap. So, we would do that in the morning, and then he’d go in and do naptime.

I would probably tell Dana that he needs to stay in the room with DJ while he naps, so I could go to the spa. I’m gonna take the spa; I’m gonna take it! I would go experience the spa, for sure. And then, if we had our more of our family with us, a chance to be able to go out to dinner, do probably a date night with my husband or maybe a couples massage if we got that opportunity.

But the grounds are so huge. And it’s African-inspired, so there are beautiful art pieces from African artists and from Africa. There’s also a little amphitheater. I would probably go to the amphitheater and the speakeasy, for sure, because those two are right up my alley with entertainment and being able to enjoy yourself. Those are those are some things I would do. I don’t know if I could fit them all in one day, but I would probably take a few days to be here so I could experience it all.

I cannot wait to go to myself. Where can people go to learn about Kalahari Resorts?

Jordin Sparks: It’s if people need more information, or they want to book their stay.

Thank you so much. And, by the way, I loved [your new single] “Homebody.”

Jordin Sparks: Thank you so much. Wait, before we go. If you loved “Homebody,” you’re going to love the Christmas music that’s coming. I’m actually going to be on Kalahari’s float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I’m really excited about it. And then when I do that, the album drops the next day.

So, when it comes out, please let me know what you think about it. Tweet me or something; let me know on Instagram.

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