The 10 Most Shocking Sacha Baron Cohen Interviews, Ranked

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm has already become one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s best movies according to IMDB, and of course, the film has been hugely controversial due to some overwhelmingly exposing interviews.

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Though the movie has a whole handful of celebrities referenced and embarrassed in the movie, Cohen is no stranger to ridiculing the famous. Even dating back to his time as Ali G in the 2000s, he managed to make businessmen, pop stars, and football players squirm at his questions.

10 Posh And Becks

Though it was a much more lighthearted affair as it was before Cohen set his sights on exposing politicians, Ali G’s interview with pop star Victoria Beckham and footballer David Beckham was a sight to behold.

Cohen didn’t hold back on jokes about their sex life and though Posh was reciprocating and even making jokes of her own, Becks was visibly uncomfortable and squirmish.

9 Joe Arpaio

In Who Is America, Cohen’s underrated character of Whizz Boy, a YouTuber who unboxes fictional toys called Shopkins, is at the top of his game in this interview.

Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County who was pardoned by Trump for a federal crime, explains gun laws to the YouTuber. But the funniest part of the interview comes when Arpaio starts explaining the constitution to a toy donut called Delish.

8 Donald Trump

Borat visits a lot of different locations in both movies, but before that happened in 2006, Ali G visited America to try and become a businessman. Trump had been on Cohen’s radar for a while, and his presence has been in most of Cohen’s projects; he defecated outside Trump Tower in Borat, was in the intro of Who Is America, and he dressed up as him in Borat 2.

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But their relationship first started when Ali G tried to sell Trump a ridiculous business idea that revolved around wearing gloves when eating ice cream. To Trump’s credit, he saw through Cohen’s act and felt like something was off, so he walked out on the interview.

7 Roy Moore

Roy Moore, a Senate candidate who has been accused of sexual assault on several occasions, interviewed with who he believed to be Erran Morad, and Moore thought he was there to discuss Palestine.

But it didn’t exactly go as planned, as Cohen pulled out a new “technological innovation,” which is a detector that detects sex offenders. Moore was visibly nervous when the detector came out, and he ended up walking out of the interview when the detector started beeping when it was close to him.

6 Shaun McCutcheon

Shaun McCutcheon’s interview with Morad was one of the most shocking due to how involved the conservative activist was during the whole activity Morad set up. Morad taught McCutcheon how to properly protect himself against terrorists, which included covering his face with pork and dressing up as a snake charmer.

McCutcheon was one of the most naive subjects on the show, as almost any other person would have walked away at either of those points.

5 Ron Paul

Being one of the few iconic interviews initiated by Bruno, Ron Paul visits the character for an interview in his hotel room. When there’s a technical difficulty, Bruno and Paul head into the bedroom to wait it out.

There, Bruno puts on house music and dances while Paul sits awkwardly on the edge of the bed, trying to read a newspaper. Eventually, Bruno takes his clothes off, leading Paul to dash for the exit.

4 Dick Cheney

Cheney has been involved in several questionable interrogation methods, to say the least, so when he was asked questions by Cohen, who was in character as ex-Mossad agent Erran Morad, it made for some revealing answers.

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Though Borat is one of the best movies that takes advantage of improv, it was a premeditated prop that stole the show. At the end of the interview, Morad asked Cheney to sign a bottle that he used for waterboarding, which he called a “waterboarding kit.”

3 Jason Spencer

Who Is America came in hot, as the very first interview on the show was with Jason Spencer, the former lawmaker of Georgia. Spencer disgraced himself when Cohen, again in the character of Erran Morad, convinced him to imitate a Chinese person to trick a terrorist and strip down naked to convince terrorists that he’s gay, which would scare them away.

The lawmaker played into Cohen’s hands and seemingly had a great time doing it. Spencer was forced to resign after the interview aired on Showtime.

2 Rudy Giuliani

Borat is inarguably Cohen’s best movie, but the most revealing and shocking interview Borat has ever conducted is in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm.

Though the interview is technically done by Borat’s daughter, Tutar, played by newcomer Maria Bakalova who stole the show, Cohen was pulling the strings the whole time. At the end of the movie, Giuliani enters Tutar’s bedroom with questionable intentions, leading to one of the most shocking endings in a comedy movie.

1 O.J. Simpson

The very last interview in Who Is America, even after the credits have rolled and everyone thinks it’s all over, a mid-credits scene comes out of nowhere to reveal Cohen, in character as Gio Monaldo, sitting with O.J. Simpson.

The scene is heart-stopping as Cohen tries time after time to make Simpson confess to murdering his wife by joking about it and making the convict feel comfortable, and he comes really close.

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