Walking Dead: World Beyond Sets Up Rick Grimes Movie Confirmed By Star

Speaking with ComicBook.com, Mahendru, who plays Huck in World Beyond, confirms that the series will directly lead into the planned Rick Grime movies. Mahendru said:

“We’re the lead-up to the movies, so we’re going there. All the questions fans have had for, I don’t know, inherently a decade, right? Our show is the answers to that. So we are very much heading to CRM. I mean, that’s the helicopter… We’re getting really close, you know?”

The trilogy of Rick Grimes movies was first announced at Comic-Con in 2019, and will reportedly focus on Rick’s story after he is taken in the helicopter. AMC has since announced that The Walking Dead will end after the upcoming season 11 and will be followed by a spinoff series centered around Daryl and Carol as well as anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. While the Walking Dead universe will continue to expand, the upcoming movies are expected to end Rick’s story properly.

While CRM and its exact connection to Rick’s story remains a mystery, more information is likely to come out of The Walking Dead: World Beyond as it goes on. The two-season series still has a lot of explaining to do, like why CRM labels people “A” or “B”, and why Rick would be labeled “A.” It will be exciting to see just exactly how the series will lead into the Rick Grimes movies and what the franchise has in store for the important character.

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Source: ComicBook.com